The next generation of chrome slayers!

There is no better feeling than seeing faces light up when an angry chinook has been tricked and is pulling on the other end!  This feeling is even better when children are the ones fighting them!  Get out there and experience it!  It’s all about the Saltwater Pimp life, to pass it on to the next generation of slayers to keep the memories coming!  Do it in style with your quality swag from Saltwater Pimp Co.
Some of these pics tell a great story!  One of the keys I’ve learned to staying successful is to never stop learning!  Have an arsenal of weapons to try when one method isn’t working don’t be afraid to try another.  My go to for summer chinook is vertical jigging with small jigs.  If that’s not working or tides aren’t correct for it, I’ll switch to the downrigger to find the fish.
Now get out there with your kids and make your own fist bump moments!


Captain Roger Ross:  SWP Pro Staff PNW