There’s some halibut down there!


I can still remember going on my first guided halibut trip out of Pedder Bay, BC with a now long-time friend, Jeff Whitney-Griffith with W-G Charters.  Although we didn’t put any fish in the boat that day, the amount of information that Jeff taught me has helped me put my favorite white meat in the boat year after year for over 20 years now!

Well, the seasons are set, the dates are out and guys like me are already planning, plotting, and preparing to go harvest these big flatties of the deep.  It’s a wise move to have already picked your favorite destination, made your lodging/ferry/moorage reservations because space is always limited and fills up fast.  Whether you like the offshore further, easy limit destinations out of Westport or LaPush or you like the shorter trips in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, you can never be too prepared to ensure you have a safe and bountiful trip.

What do I like to use?  A plethora of techniques, of course!  Getting started in this fishery can be quite challenging.  If you’re looking for some free advice, feel free to find us on Facebook and send your questions to me.  Better yet, sign up for the free forum here on and start your own thread of questions and invite your buddies to chime in.  We’re always glad to help another fisherman out!

Ever seen halibut in their living room?  Check out our videos on YouTube!