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How does depth affect the color of marine animals?

The coloration of oceanic animals, shown as a function of depth. Did You Know? To study the color of deep-sea animals, scientists measure...

OPC Washington/Oregon Offshore Waters Forecast

Analysis & Forecast <!--Analysis & Forecast--> Weather Ocean Ice &...

What is an Expendable Bathythermograph, or “XBT”?

Okeanos Explorer Mapping Team Lead Meme Lobecker conducts an XBT cast to measure temperature down to 760 meters in order to correct mapping...

Casa Vieja Lodge 2016

What is symbiosis?

Hermit crabs are often found inhabiting shells decorated with anemones or other sessile animals, which offer added protection and camouflage. Image courtesy of...

SWP Pro Staff demonstrates the bimini twist

East Coast Saltwater Pimp Pro Staffer Mikey John demonstrates the all too versatile bimini twist.

Whole Baked Trout with Herb Salsa

The View From Great Island This whole baked trout takes the intimidation out of cooking a whole fish. If it's your first time cooking your catch...

What is ocean acidification?

Limacina helicina, a free-swimming planktonic snail. These snails, known as pteropods, form a calcium carbonate shell and are an important food source in...

What is the difference between photosynthesis and chemosynthesis?

Close up of a tubeworm “bush,” which mines for sulfide in the carbonate substrate with their roots. The sulfide is metabolized by bacteria...

What features form at plate tectonic boundaries?

Superheated molten lava, about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, is about to explode into the water at the West Mata volcano along the Pacific Ring...
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The next generation of chrome slayers!

There is no better feeling than seeing faces light up when an angry chinook has been tricked and is pulling on the other end!...

What is an AUV?

What is the Ring of Fire?

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Offshore Northwest Charter Service

My Charter Offshore Northwest has been running for seven years now. I am currently running two boats and no one has more fun than...

What does “CTD” stand for?

A CTD Rosette is lowered into the water to measure the salinity, temperature, depth and concentration of particles in the water column. Image...

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