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What is marine snow?

Why are so many deep-sea animals red in color?

The deep-sea scyphozoan jellyfish, Atolla wyvillei, as seen under white light. Image courtesy of Edith A. Widder, Operation Deep Scope 2005 Exploration, NOAA-OE. Did...

Chasing kings in the San Juan Islands

Some days you just have to go solo!  Solitude, serenity and nice fat kings! https://youtu.be/kzpjYkbcwos  

What are gas hydrates?

An aggregation of methane ice worms inhabiting a white methane hydrate seen in the Gulf of Mexico, 2102. Studies suggest that these worms...

What is an isopod?

Oh, King days how fun you were.

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What features form at plate tectonic boundaries?

Superheated molten lava, about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, is about to explode into the water at the West Mata volcano along the Pacific Ring...

OPC N Pacific Marine Weather Discussion (corrected)

Analysis & Forecast <!--Analysis & Forecast--> Weather Ocean Ice &...

How does NOAA deliver live video feeds from a ship to my computer?

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer's high-tech control room allows onboard scientists to watch live video from remotely operated vehicles, review mapping and other collected...

OPC Washington/Oregon Offshore Waters Forecast

Analysis & Forecast <!--Analysis & Forecast--> Weather Ocean Ice &...
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OPC N Atlantic Marine Weather Discussion

Analysis & Forecast <!--Analysis & Forecast--> Weather Ocean Ice &...

What is El Nino?

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What is the Mid-Ocean Ridge?

The nearly continuous, global Mid-Ocean Ridge system snakes across the Earth’s surface like the seam on a baseball. It is clearly visible on...

What is El Nino?

These images show sea surface topography and upper ocean temperature data from satellites and buoys. The height of the sea is represented by...

What are the different types of plate tectonic boundaries?

This image shows the three main types of plate boundaries: divergent, convergent, and transform. Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey. Did...

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