Todds Extreme Fishing


We fish where the fish are! Our goal is to take you on the best trip available on the date that you book! We do this by traveling to the best fishing during the best seasons We will be fishing the most productive locations during the peak seasons and using the best techniques to put you on the fish. During the year the fish move and the rules changes the only way to keep you on the best fishing is if we move when they do.

Prime locations and times

  • March till May, deep water lingcod and near shore bottom fish at La Push
  • April deep water lingcod and inshore bottom fish at La Push and Neah Bay
  • May halibut, lingcod and bottom fish Neah Bay, La Push, Westport, Ilwaco
  • June Ilwaco Halibut/Sable; Ilwaco Halibut/Salmon; Westport near shore Lings, bottom fish, & Halibut;  Westport, Neah Bay , La Push & Ilwaco Salmon / bottom fish
  • July Salmon/ bottom fish Westport, La Push, Neah Bay, Ilwaco; Westport near shore Halibut and bottom fish
  • August Tuna Westport, Ilwaco
  • August Salmon/bottom fish Westport, Neah Bay, La Push, Ilwaco
  • September  Westport , Ilwaco Tuna
  • September  Westport, Neah Bay or La Push Lingcod & bottom fish or Coho
  • October Westport, Ilwaco Tuna (first half of October)
  • October  La Push and Neah Bay Lingcod, bottom fish, Salmon or Sekiu Coho

Please contact us by e-mail, text message, or phone for open dates and locations
(253) 208-9142